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Will the webcam watch me all day long?
No :) The application will evaluate your posture only after you start the practice, and will turn off after the training time is finished.
Will you record me?
Never! We don’t make any visual recordings (photos or videos), so there is no information we can practically collect, store or send from your laptop.
Then... how does it work?
The idea is that your web camera watches your upper body parts and respectively assigns them virtual coordinates. Those numbers (not your photos!) are sent in real-time to be evaluated by our technology, That’s how you get immediate feedback for your sitting posture.
Do I have to sit straight the whole day? That’s impossible!
Even though we’re sure that nothing is impossible, the goal shouldn’t be to sit 8 hours in a perfect sitting position. During the day, it is equally important to maintain a correct posture and give your body some chance to move. The real mistake is continuous switching from one relaxed incorrect position to another, and that’s what we’re helping you to prevent.
How do I benefit from sitting correct for so short?
AYes, we’re not asking you to sit correctly long, but actively – it means to firmly straighten up and activate those most important inner muscles. Try doing it for 5-10 minutes right now, before starting with FitSit. Even sports professionals find it a difficult task, which confirms that sport itself cannot compensate for correct active sitting or solve the real cause of back pain problems. Most of us, however, even fail at doing sports regularly and end up spending 40+ hours just sitting.
How will FitSit help me?
A digital physiotherapist FitSit is a web application able to be in charge of your correct posture and evaluate in real-time the position you have when sitting in front of the computer. Especially with the upcoming trend to work remotely, FitSit works with your posture wherever you are to help you fight back and neck pain. FitSit will help you not only to create the habit, but also to maintain it afterwards through our notifications, scheduling options, medical recommendations, advanced techniques and more. You also get more motivated, when seeing your daily correct sitting score graphs and percentages.
How often and how long should I use FitSit to expect a result?
The best-case scenario for us is your habit of a correct sitting posture. We won’t rely on you (sorry), but on your muscle memory, so that in the future it will remind you to straighten up and sit actively – in the office, in your car, at the family dinner table. Don’t be mistaken by those ‘3 weeks to learn a new habit’ claims! It highly depends on the efforts you’ll be making during your FitSit journey.
Will the habit stay with me forever?
We are here to help you create a new habit, and to support you long-term. Of course, you shouldn’t expect a miracle after 6 weeks with FitSit: back pain is not your broken leg, but a behavioral problem needing you to stop sitting wrong once and forever. Unless you change an approach to your health, you quickly come back to where you’ve started. Same rebound effect as with a healthy diet or sports.
What if my camera is covered?
Unfortunately, we can’t monitor your posture without a working camera.
Would the application work if my laptop is on a side?
At the moment, it won’t, because our application is able to see only upfront, but we’re working on our model and making it better, so the best is yet to come! As for now, you would need to place your laptop in front of you.

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Five Things To Know About Work-Related Back Disorders in the EU
Roughly 3 out of every 5 workers report musculoskeletal disorders, making it the most common work-related health problem in the EU. And the most prevalent risk factor is working with a computer.
Scientific background of FitSit
Occupational sitting duration alone is not associated with low back pain, the relationship is only apparent when sitting is combined with sustained awkward postures.

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