Eliminate your colleagues' pain.

FitSit offers a new benefit for employees! Helps to prevent and cure your staffs' neck & lower back pain.

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Thanks to FitSit your employees will feel much better and handle their workload

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Better state of health

They will be more effective, driven and productive.

Bigger desire to grow

They can remove the obstacles that prevent them from developing fully.

Improved working space

Employees will appreciate an employer who helps their health.

Why is FitSit ideal for a company?

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FitSit can help with your productivity and cash saving!

Great overview brought us a study from Belgium.1 It says, that 25% of adults were affected by at least one musculoskeletal disorder, which incurred an average cost of €1,524 per capita. The most costly disorder was low back pain amounting to €2,405 per capita, followed by neck pain at €2,260 per capita. In the working population, 15% had at least one musculoskeletal disorder, with an average indirect cost of €3,083 per capita. Those with low back pain had significantly higher indirect costs compared to those without, with an adjusted cost per capita of €5,875. Each year, the total adjusted healthcare cost for musculoskeletal disorders amounted to more than €3 billion. In addition, Belgium spends around €2 billion annually for work absenteeism related to musculoskeletal disorders.

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Show facts that your company also takes care of the health condition of its employees.

When determining whether to accept the company's offer, many people consider the benefits offered. They play a significant part in preserving the so-called work-life balance and are frequently a vital addition to a payroll or recruitment tool. With the help of FitSit, you can demonstrate to prospective and current employees that you appreciate their job while also considering their health. Each of them will undoubtedly enjoy the benefit in the form of the potential to improve their health and the ability to work with an online physiotherapist.

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FitSit offers you the possibility to keep everything under control.

We are entirely aware of how businesses select employee benefits. We provide you with the chance to control everything because of this. Due to this, you have the chance to always get the reports you require regarding your staff. What uses does your business make of our product? How many employees use it or how much progress do they make?

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has done its research!

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For office workers, software developers, and anyone who works remotely or in an office, sitting all day is not only mentally taxing, but it takes a physical toll as well. Most often, back pain, neck pain, headache or carpal tunnel syndrome, which gradually develop from occasional mild problems to chronic problems. Therefore, even if office jobs are not considered physically demanding, they can be harmful to your health. It is now also clear that due to working from home, which often takes place in insufficiently ergonomically adapted places, there has been a significant increase in pain as another consequence of the pandemic. Diseases of the locomotor system are costly for the healthcare system, employees and employers. In the healthcare sector, these are the costs of insurance companies or direct payments to employees, while for employers it is primarily sick leave, employee time spent with doctors and physiotherapists, postponed appointments or reduced productivity.

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What companies and employees say about FitSit

FitSit's team consists of young, motivated, and energetic people, who truly believe in their idea and it becomes obvious when you see their growth and great results, the way they communicate about their solution (with a true passion) and never stop improving their brand and product! I like that FitSit has a clear mission: to help working people to fight back & neck pain. This becomes very actual especially with the current trend for the remote work. I believe FitSit’s solution will succeed in the nearest future!

FitSit is my personal “poker”. It pokes me if I slouch or sit incorrectly and thus helps to build my muscle memory for healthy posture. It took only a couple of sessions to make me aware of my bad sitting habits even outside of FitSit training sessions.

FitSit has a highly dedicated team who is committed to delivering the best solution possible. They are passionate about helping people to improve their posture while doing desk work. It's simple, easy to use, and provides instantaneous benefits. I'm looking forward to seeing how this solution will become a staple of our everyday live.

FitSit is a game-changer for those of us working in office environments or from home. The innovative approach they've taken to address common health issues like back and neck pain is commendable. The team's dedication to the cause and their incessant drive to improve is both inspiring and reassuring. With FitSit, I've noticed an immediate difference in my posture, and the discomfort I once felt has substantially decreased. Their mission to promote a healthier lifestyle among working individuals is exactly what our society needs in this digital age. I am genuinely excited to see how FitSit will revolutionize the way we work and live.

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