Hi, I'm FitSit,

your digital physiotherapist!
Do you sit long hours in front of the computer?
Do you struggle to remember what the correct posture is?
Does your back hurt? Do you feel stiffness or tension?
Or maybe, you simply want to improve your health
during work time?
I'm here for you! I'll help you
develop a habit of sitting correctly and
I'll relieve your pain and discomfort!
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I'll remind you when it's time to straighten up for a couple of minutes. During this short posture practice, I will immediately let you know when you stop sitting correctly. I'm a web application and I use your computer's webcam to detect movements.

But don't worry! The camera turns on only during daily training and with your permission (more details are in the video: be sure to check it out!) And by the way, you won't need to install anything to your computer.

FitSit is the best solution for many people.

sit at the computer every day and experience back pain
feel fine so far, but know that long-term sitting is no good
have kids and want them to be healthy while sitting at the computer

You sit at the computer every day and you suffer from back pain

It's exactly for you if you're an experienced "sitter" (in the office, home, co-working center). It ruins your day when you can't turn your head. Or maybe when you can't tie your shoelaces because of your stone-hard lumbar spine. Bothered by a migraine? Breathing difficulties, rib pain, or pain between your shoulder blades?... There are so many variations of back and neck pain!

You might have visited a physiotherapist or masseur who helped you for a while. You lack time and motivation to exercise regularly ("is there a point anyway?" - you usually ask). And so, the problems always return: you just haven't changed your daily habits.

You are fine so far, but you do care about your future health

It's exactly for you if you sit at your computer 6+ hours a day. You have mastered all the possible sitting positions in the office chair, but you would dare to call it a healthy one (I mean, only if you are a very experienced narrator).

You are probably interested in improving your health while still doing your job since you don't have enough free time to take part in many activities. Let's stay health-conscious and active all day long!

You have children and you know that they can't avoid using computers

You've been working at the computer yourself, and now your kids are playing or studying at the computer for many hours, too? They do that after spending most of the day sitting at school? Yes, that's the new normal, but you can teach your kids how to handle it!

The best thing you can do for your kids is to set an example and use FitSit application. Try to agree with them to follow certain rules for working or playing with a computer. Support each other and encourage them to have a healthy, upright, attractive, and confident personality.

Benefits of FitSit

You will know your perfect posture
You will feel healthy and relaxed
You will look confident and attractive
You don't have to wear any device on your body
I will adapt to your daily routine

Check out this video to learn more about me!


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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