Do you struggle with back or neck pain?

Before visiting a physiotherapist, try FitSit to check your posture right from your desktop.

Often, physiotherapists examine sitting posture when addressing back or neck pain. With FitSit, develop the right sitting posture effortlessly through our user-friendly web application. Improve your posture and alleviate discomfort right from your workspace.

Get started with FitSit today and take a proactive step towards better health.

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What is FitSit?

It is a web application that helps you create a habit of a healthy posture. FitSit offers short practices when your upper body is monitored by your webcam (as if you’re on a video call).

How do I work with FitSit?

No need for you to download anything, have your camera on all day long, or interrupt your workday. You will simply get a reminder to open FitSit. You start the practice – FitSit starts checking your position real-time. Follow the feedback, correct your posture and get healthier with us!
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Effective & Easy-to-use

Back pain relief and prevention
You will relieve acute back pain and after-work muscle tension, as well as prevent such health problems in the future.
Improves brain function
While slouching, you’re compressing your lungs. A correct posture can better your breathing, which helps you become calmer, more productive and concentrated.
Increased energy levels
Sitting in a correct position leads to fewer headaches, better workflow focus, and more energy.
More effective workout
A correct posture creates a strong muscle base, which is crucial for every kind of sports activity.
Benefit to your overall health
While slouching, you’re compressing all your body organs, so a correct posture will help you with food digestion, peristalsis, blood circulation and scapular health.

Behind the technology

Take a closer look at our FitSit, so that we make sure we're the right fit for you.

Back pain problem research
Roughly 3 out of every 5 workers report musculoskeletal disorders, making it the most common work-related health problem in the EU. And the most prevalent risk factor is working with a computer.
Scientific background of FitSit
Occupational sitting duration alone is not associated with low back pain, the relationship is only apparent when sitting is combined with sustained awkward postures.
Assuring your privacy
No recordings are made, feedback is exclusively real-time and the webcam works only with your permission. Read our FAQ to address all concerns.
Lorna Straka DEX Innovation Centre
FitSit has a highly dedicated team who is committed to delivering the best solution possible. They are passionate about helping people to improve their posture while doing desk work. It’s simple, easy to use, and provides instantaneous benefits. I’m looking forward to seeing how this solution will become a staple of our everyday lives.
Aboši Viliam Asseco
FitSit is my personal ‟poker”. It pokes me if I slouch or sit incorrectly and thus helps to build my muscle memory for healthy posture. It took only a couple of sessions to make me aware of my bad sitting habits even outside of FitSit training sessions.
Kateryna Timanova Dex Innovation Center
FitSit's team consists of young, motivated and energetic people, who truly believe in their idea and it becomes obvious when you see their growth and great results, the way they communicate about their solution (with a true passion) and never stop improving their brand and product! I like that FitSit has a clear mission: to help working people to fight back&neck pain. This becomes very actual especially with the current trend for the remote work. I believe FitSit’s solution will succeed in the nearest future!

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